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Beloved author and artist Sarah Faith Gottesdiener is your guide to transformation through the lunar cycle. Follow a path of conscious living and connect to your power with The Moon Book: Lunar Magic to Change Your Life

To follow the light of the moon is to go beyond duality and against the binary of either/or. When we are attuned to this natural process, and can navigate our own processes accordingly, we are able to deal with life’s never-ending changes masterfully. Diving deep within facilitates expansion from the inside out.

The Moon Book will show you how to realign with an entire lunation holistically. Providing historical and scientific context, magical know-how, and immediately applicable practices, this project is a journey of self-discovery through the lens of our celestial companion.

With dozens of spells, tarot spreads, rituals, meditations, journaling prompts and other practical techniques and exercises, your spiritual life will awaken. By discovering how to collaborate with your own rhythmic cycles, your energy will improve. You will develop a more intimate relationship with the moon, and with yourself.

The earliest civilizations lived in concert with the moon. Witches and other magical practitioners still do. The Moon is a metaphor for the birth/death/life cycle, for our ancestral lineages, and for our circle of consciousness. It affects the tides of our timelines, energy, emotions, and awareness. Providing historical context, scientific information, magical know-how, immediately applicable practices, and more, The Moon Book takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery through the lens of our closest celestial companion.

This book has something for the newly lunar curious and seasoned practitioner alike. Whether you are ready to chase your dreams, find self-care practices that actually work, or heal your shadow, The Moon Book will offer you the inspiration and support to create the best possible future for yourself and the collective. 

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“I have a moon phase tattoo down my spine, full to new and back again, the dark moon right at the center. Every full moon I imagine my spine filing with creative potential as I find a way to stand in her light. Reading this book feels like that same kind of filling up, honoring the cyclical nature of each of us in relationship to our generous celestial friend of the night. Pragmatic and magical, and everything in between.”

— adrienne maree brown, author of Emergent Strategy and Pleasure Activism

“I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t been introduced to Sarah and her writings! I have worked with her magical books and tools in the past, and, every time, I continue to learn more and more about myself and my connection to this existence. Sarah's writings are filled with the most fascinating facts from history, but also includes language that speaks to your soul. I feel grounded, every time I open this book.”

— Mena Suvari, actress

“I've been a follower and fan of Sarah's work for years. She writes beautifully about something that has been a part of every person's life every night of their life. The Moon, get to know her!”

— Aidy Bryant, actress and comedian

“Sarah is a dedicated witch, a reverent observer of the Moon, and a talented teacher of its cycles. This book is written from a place that is informed by decades of practice, study, and experience. It is packed full of practical magic.”

— Chani Nicholas

“The Moon Book is a treasure chest of lunar wisdom that teaches us to honor our own shape-shifting, and reminds us that we, too, can radiate in the dark. Whether you're looking to tap into ancient knowledge or manifest a more just and joyful future, this is the guidebook for you. Sarah Faith Gottesdiener generates the radical magic we need now.”

— Pam Grossman, Author of Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women

“It’s evident that Sarah Gottesdiener has spent a significant amount of time diving deeply into the mysteries and offerings of the moon, and, luckily for us, has resurfaced with a perspective that is fresh, alluring, and much needed in today’s world. This book is a beacon of healing, illuminating our inner realms through ritual, introspection, and more. For someone who recognizes how challenging it is to encapsulate the wonder, sacredness, and spiralic nature of moon magick into words, Gottesdiener has certainly done a magnificent job of doing so.”

— Chelsea Wolfe, musician, witch

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener is an artist living in Los Angeles. Her designs have been seen in movies, mood boards, photoshoots, and homes across the United States. Modern Women, her studio, creates apparel, printed matter, as well as design and creative direction for individuals and brands.

For over 10 years, Sarah has provided insights for thousands of clients in her practice as a psychic tarot reader. She teaches classes on the moon, tarot, magic, spirituality, and feminist self-help. Author of the cult classic Many Moons workbooks and lunar planners, one of Sarah’s life goals is to empower individuals to tap into their own intuition, creativity and magic.


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